Christmas Traditions Box: Elf on the Shelf Edition

Christmas Traditions Box: Elf on the Shelf Edition

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Elf on the Shelf has become a tradition in homes all over the world. YOU inspired our newest box by using products from our Christmas Traditions Box with your elves and asking for even more ideas and activities! This year we curated a special box just for you.  

We have done ALL THE WORK for you, so moving your elf this year will be an enjoyable tradition for you. It's simple, just follow the instructions that are included, choose an activity each day and in a few minutes or less you will have created holiday magic! 


Includes 25+ Daily Activities: 

Instructions + Printed Calendar

A detailed instruction list with additional fun ideas is included to make moving your elf really easy. A blank calendar is also included if you want to make additional notes or plan out your activities.

Many of our props lead to activities that the entire family can engage in. These special moments are more than just a prop or decoration! All of our activities promote the true spirit of Christmas and support building family traditions! 

Arrival Letter

  • Choose a custom letter if your Elf is Arriving for the FIRST TIME.  
  • Choose a custom letter if your Elf is RETURNING for more fun. 

12 Activities with Props and Printed Cards Included 

  1. Rock Climbing (Includes Mini Bows to Climb On) 
  2. Trophy (Mini Trophy + Printed Note Card) 
  3. Snowball Fight (Mini Snowballs + Mini Bucket + Big Snow Balls for Kids)  
  4. Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt (Mini Candy Canes + Printed Note Card) 
  5. Happy Birthday Jesus Kit (Birthday Supplies + Printed Card) 
  6. Donate Toys (Large Donation Sack + Printed Note Card) 
  7. Rudolph Nose + Printed Card 
  8. Bake Cookies (Mini Baking Tool + Printed Note Card) 
  9. Sack Races (Mini Paper Sacks) 
  10. Lights Tangled Up (Includes Light Up Christmas Lights) 
  11. Mischief Kit (Includes Stickers, Rudolph Noses, Wiggly Eyes, Clothes Pins) 
  12. Snow Angels (Includes Snow + Printed Note Card) 

15 Printed Cards

For those days that you forget to move the elf, lazy days you need to keep it super simple or if you need to have a few days to not move your elf at all, these creative cards provide magic without any effort.  

Goodbye Letter

Your elf has to return to the North Pole so we have included a special letter saying goodbye.

In the NOTE section, please let us know if your elf is RETURNING or if this will be your elf's FIRST time to arrive so we can personalize your elf's arrival letter.

Reminder: This box does NOT include an elf. 

Small Objects and Choking Hazard Warning: This product uses small objects that may pose a choking hazard. Children under any age should always be under adult supervision when interacting with any products provided in our box.